We Find Out What is Fresh and Available

We combine our expert knowledge of the local NC fisheries along with personal relationships with lifelong fishermen to find out what they’ve been catching. We then work with our team to make these items available for you to order on our site.


We Collect Orders

As orders come in, we place specific requests with our fisherman for what to target in their weekly catch.


Your Seafood is Picked Up and Packaged

When the fishermen return to the dock, we meet them and take your fish immediately to our state-certified processing facility. Our team then prepares and packages your order specifically for you and gets it ready to ship.


Delivered Directly to Your Door

Immediately following packaging, your seafood is out our door and on its way to you for the weekend. By the time it gets to you, your seafood has often been out of the water maybe 24-48 hours.

Reminder – This is Wild Caught Seafood

Depending on when you place your order, changes due to weather and other natural delays, your order may not ship until the following week's cycle. In this case, we will communicate any changes as quickly as possible.